Full support – from the initial conceptual design to the finished product

Specialists in creating bespoke, high-end trophies and awards since 1982, we are able to give your brand or your event a symbolic force characterized by a specially commissioned trophy. Events, business functions, sports competitions … our experience allows us to anticipate your needs.

From your brief – perhaps a simple idea – our design office is able to suggest multiple ways to meet your budget. We are artists and designers, creating models in our workshops and overseeing the entire fabrication process every step of the way from to ensure strict adherence to deadlines.

Our moulding techniques allow us to execute large series very quickly, and our “direct from studio” prices are without intermediaries. These creations are designed to enhance the prestige of your event and our experience means you can count on our creativity and responsiveness.

Our family business has been accorded EPV status – Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant – a title awarded by the French Government recognising the excellence of our expertise.

Our creations

Trophée ballon de rugby “mêlée de Hamann” FFR – bronze patiné – éditeur les Ateliers du Prisme

In Sport & Golf, Trophies

Trophée “Bâtimat” – plexiglass et impression numérique

In Plexiglass & Aluminium, Trophies

Trophée “Dauphin” – bronze poli sur socle chêne teinté vernis

In Prestige, Trophies

Trophée musique “Woofer” – bronze poli

In Gamme, Trophies

Trophée “L’ange du Rocher” Nuit des Associations de Monaco – bronze poli et patiné

In Prestige, Trophies

Trophée “en extension” joueur de handball – bronze patiné sur socle chêne teinté vernis

In Sport & Golf, Trophies