Works of art with exceptional finishes

We have been creating bespoke bronze and brass decorative features and ornamentation for more than 30 years.

Whether for the restoration of pieces for luxury hotels, collaborations with furniture designers, bespoke ironwork projects or decorative metalwork, our 19 members of staff, experts in their respective fields, create the exceptional everyday: decorative architectural features, display cases, metal cladding and signage, furniture and ornamentation, heritage restoration and contemporary decor.

Having all the expertise under one roof allows us to imagine and realise the most daring projects. Concept and Design (SolidWorks), prototypes and models (3D Printing), decorative polishing and patina, the whole value chain is represented in the workshop.

Heirs of ancestral knowledge and masters of the latest technology, our family business turns ideas into reality using a design brief that follows the project from gestation to delivery.

We are known for our deep understanding of customer needs, timeliness and the quality of our finished work. In 2013, we were awarded EPV status – Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant – by the French Government recognising the excellence of our expertise.

Our creations
Fonderie Macheret tabernacle bronze

Création d’un tabernacle en bronze pour l’église Notre-Dame de Bon Secours de Bois-Colombes

In Architectural bronze
Fonderie Macheret bouquillon

Elément décoratif Saint Jacques en bronze poli, création Ets Bouquillon

In Architectural bronze
Fonderie Macheret panneau porte bronze

Panneau porte en fonte de bronze ciselée, patine brune

In Architectural bronze
Fonderie Macheret encadrement moulure

Création d’une baguette décorative en bronze poli

In Architectural bronze
Fonderie Macheret commode gari

Réalisation d’une commode en bronze poli pour l’artiste Gari

In Architectural bronze

Création d’un départ de rampe “Vase” en bronze poli

In Architectural bronze