Everything starts with an ingot

For more than 35 years, our passion for bronze and for the creative arts has impelled us to develop a wide range of expertise, enabling us to offer our customers comprehensive service and support. Specialising in bronze and brass works, our family business – unique in its field – comprises the entire value chain, from initial creation to finely finished exceptional pieces. A foundry first and foremost, but one also incorporating the fine arts of metalworking and ironmongery.

To breathe life into conceptual designs or ideas, the engineering and design department (running Solid Works, Autocad) works closely with our prototyping and 3D printing workshop. We also have our own machining centre and a patination and polishing workshop enabling us to create our exceptional finishes.

Using traditional methods and knowledge, with the ability to support complex technical projects in compliance with the requirements and deadlines of customers, la Fonderie d’art Macheret is a company ahead of its time.

Over the years, the firm has expanded the breadth of its expertise and skills. Now employing 19 people, each a master of his own craft, the team manages to create the exceptional every day. In 2013, our company was awarded EPV status – Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant – by the French Government.

Our Expertise